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KVLT MEAD is available wholesale for licensed WA retailers.




Mead is classified as wine but appeals to a broad audience and gains market share every year. Mead connoisseurs seek certain product. You may not move mead inventory because of your existing selection. Just like beer and wine, mead quality and characteristics vary with the producer and their methods. 


KVLT MEAD is becoming a sought-after product in WA. Be one of the first to carry it.  


KVLT MEAD  crafts high-end, quality mead with competitive pricing.


We wholesale still (non-carbonated) mead from dry to dessert level sweetness at a range of 12-15% ABV in glass 750 mL bottles with strong branding and colorful artwork. We occasionally sell kegs of still and carbonated meads. Ask our sales manager for availablility

Our 750 mL flagship meads retail at the same price as other 350mL, 500 mL and 750 mL mead imports.  

We use real ingredients - there are no syrups, artificial flavors or colors. Most of our products are naturally gluten-free. The only ones that contain trace gluten are products aged in grain whisky barrels


We release new and unique products throughout the year. It also means some products are only available at certain times of the year. The scarcity of the products can create an influx of demand, especially when a beloved product come back into stock. 



Mead is our passion. We are reputation-driven, not profit-driven. We will never cut corners or push to sell undesired inventory at steep discounts.  

We are community- driven. We source as much business as we can here in the PNW to help boost our regional economy and reduce our carbon footprint. This use of local business helps create brand loyalty, as well.

Education is important for furthering the craft. We work with vendors to sell product - when you buy from us, you have an opportunity to educate your staff and your patrons. Both owners of KVLT MEAD have MAST certification and are willing to come in-person or virtually to provide guided tasting and education according to LCB guidelines.

We want you to be successful selling KVLT. Tacoma is not for everyone. We refer customers to the closest retailer to their address and give them as much information we have about what is in stock. We also provide a link to all of our vendors on our website to guide these people to their purchases.  If there is any way we can help you sell more product, reach out. We will work with you.


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