Wisdom of the Wizard-14% ABV-Dry

Wisdom of the Wizard-14% ABV-Dry

We collaborated with Seattle-based power-metal group GREYHAWK to bring you a magical mead powered by their acclaimed album “Keepers of the Flame”! Art by Lukas at Rogue Tattoos.


14% ABV Off-dry Bochet/Acerglyn (caramelized honey mead/maple syrup mead)

Ingredients: Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup, Caramelized Brazilian Aroeira honey, orange peel, cardamom, aged on French oak, cellared 6 months.

Smooth and complex, sweetness is an illusion brought on by the decadent aroma of fragrant orange, cardamom and maple pleasantly sit on the nose, with a wisp of marshmallow. Toffee flavor dominates, accented by orange, vanilla, cardamom – the flavor of maple syrup lingering on the palate.  The closest relatable flavor profile is an Old Fashioned whisky cocktail but smoother.


We are open BYO growler fills and bottles to go!